About ArhivaVoci

Voice Over - Romania

We offer a variety of services throughout the production process


  • Setting up the project according to your specifications:
  • Casting from our archive’s data base
  • Personalized casting for more complex projects
  • Translating and adapting the script
  • Preparing the scripts for recording;


  • The recording process will take place in the presence of a coordinator that specializes in various styles of interpretation
  • You can also be present during the recording via Skype and you can get involved in the process by contributing ideas and giving suggestions;


  • Editing of the recorded material;
  • Syncing to video files (lip-sync and phrase sync);
  • Mixing;
  • Mastering;

Delivery of project

  • We adapt to any request regarding the file format and method of delivery of the project to our client;
  • Naming the files;
  • Converting files;
  • Delivery of files in a secure way.

Voice-over/ dubbing/ commercials/ spots
Our team specializes in recording any type of voice-over and dubbing project and is always perfectly aligned to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our studio provides audio production for TV and radio commercials, in store or internet promos, TV spots and promos as well as short narratives or complex presentations, corporate presentations, documentaries, characters for animation, audio- books, internet podcasts, web applications, e-learning, trailers for film and theater and video training. We also provide audio production for “on hold” messages or IVR services for corporations and more.

With a vast number of male and female voice-over actors on our website, we guaranty a wide variety of voices to suit any project. And if you happen to have a more unconventional project that requires a type of voice that you did not find on the website, don’t worry! Our company can put together a special casting, in order to find the voice that best suits your project. All projects are under the direct supervision of our coordinator, who will make sure that the quality of the recordings meets the highest standards and is up to par with the client’s expectations. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the final product, because we will make sure that you are happy with the process from the beginning to the end.

Recording/ mixing/ mastering
Thanks to all of our outstanding microphones, the analog equipment, preamps, the AD/DA convertors along with the editing and mixing being done in Pro Tools or Logic, with an entire arsenal of state of the art FX and plug-ins, producing a high quality recording is a breeze.

Full audio cd / dvd and video production
The Taine Multimedia Studio can facilitate services that include multiplying CD’s and DVD’s with interactive menus, subtitles and 5.1 surround sound – basically all you can accomplish in the field of multimedia production.

Original music composition / “sound alike”/ jungles / sound design / fx
Upon request, our composers can create original or “sound alike” music that will ensure the success of your project. Any type of sonic background or soundtrack can be personalized, so that you won’t have to spend hours going through music or sound libraries in order to find the sounds that you are looking for. Our composers create original music for all types of project, of any length, for commercials or trailers, film score, video games or audio books. Our experts can also undertake any type of live mixing project as well as set up and program digital mixing boards.

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